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Gatewood Equestrian @ LOEC
Trainer, Peggy Allen and Asst. Trainer Amanda Barbee
School Year 2012-2013

Gatewood School will be offering a Middle School Team as well as a High School Team.
Horses and Tack will be supplied by our training barn, Lake Oconee Equestrian Center (LOEC).

    Riding Commitment Level
    • Riders must take weekly hunt-seat lessons at LOEC or another facility
    • Riders taking lessons at LOEC are required to take one IEA team lesson per month
    • If riders are taking lessons elsewhere, two monthly IEA lessons are required at LOEC
    • Team Lessons will be in a group with no more than 4
    • Rider compete in a minimum of 2 shows and a maximum of 5 IEA Team Shows
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How It Works

The IEA was founded on the principle that any middle school or high school student should be able to participate in horse shows, regardless of their financial status or riding level.
The IEA attempts to eliminate the expense of students owning horses and allows more students to compete. Students ride horses that are furnished by the host barn and chosen by drawing lots.
The use of personal tack is not allowed and limited schooling is permitted. The theory behind this structure is to equalize variables of the competition and test the horsemanship of the contestants.
Classes range from walk/trot/canter for first year students to the Open Division for the more experienced riders. 

The Competition Process

Zone 4 hosts high school and middle school teams throughout the southeast. In order to make the competitions manageable, we are divided into geographic regions. We currently have seven regions.
At the beginning of the school year, each team starts with a goal of accumulating enough team points to make their regional playoff. Winning teams at Regions then move on to the Zone Finals. This year (2012), Zone 4 sent it's top four hunt seat high school and middle school teams to the National Finals. Zone 4 also sent it's top four western teams to Nationals.
Teams consist of riders in four different high school levels and three different middle school levels. These range from Beginner (walk, trot, canter) to the Open division for the most advanced.
Teams take turns hosting horse shows throughout the season. The show season starts September 15 and ends in April at the National Finals. Horse shows are one day shows that generally do not involve long travels.
Each horse show also offers individual classes so that students may compete as a team member and individually. A rider may make it all the way to the National Finals as an individual even if his/her team does not.
Many school teams offer their students an opportunity to earn letter jackets and achieve other types of school recognition. In addition, last year's IEA riders were offered over $125,000 in college scholar-ships.

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The Season

The season runs the whole school year from August till April. It is our goal to do all 5 shows in the fall. If the team makes it to playoff and in best case the National Finals, it is required that the rider takes lessons the whole season. If the team does not make it to play off, the rider can stop taking lesson after the last show. It is recommended that riders continue to ride, if they want to join the IEA team the following year. Time in the saddle is so important.

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The Cost

In the beginning of every season every rider must pay:

  • IEA member dues $ 45
  • IEA Back Number $ 15
  • IEA Team Application Fee $ 25

IEA group lessons are $ 160 per month and are due the first of every month which include the monthly IEA team lesson. Private and semi-private lessons are available too.
If the rider is taking lessons at another barn the cost for IEA team lessons are $ 40 per lesson.

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Show Fees

According to the IEA rules, riders can ride in 2 – 5 shows per season. When you show, you are responsible for your entry fees, schooling fee, and travel expenses. If a hotel is needed for the trainer, the cost is split amongst the riders attending that show.

  • Entry Fee per class, maximum of 2 per day $ 35
  • Schooling fee $ 45
  • Hauling fee*

* For every 3 riders Gatewood Equestrian @ LOEC will have to provide 1 horse. The hauling fee for the horses depends on how many riders are going and the mileage. The fee will be split between the riders at that show.

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It is the team's goal to fundraise money to cover some of the traveling expenses and equipment needed with the Gatewood logo. Riders and parents will be asked to participate. It is also our goal to get sponsors for our team.

Finances of Gatewood Equestrian Team @ LOEC

Gatewood Equestrian Team @ LOEC is required to send a monthly statement along with a copy of the bank statement to Gatewood School. Each individual's cost and show fees must be paid by check to Gator Equestrian Team.


In order to lower the cost for the team, riders and parents are required to take part in jobs necessary to run this team. Jobs consist of fundraising, administration or chores on show days.

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Show Clothing and Gear

It is not necessary to purchase any tack or supplies as they are already provided.
Riders will need the following gear:

  • ASTM Approved safety helmet (black is preferred for shows)
  • White show shirt with collars
  • Breeches (beige for shows)
  • Riding boots
  • Show jacket

Show clothes have to be approved by the trainer.
These items can be purchased new or used. Gatewood Equestrian Team @ LOEC may have gear available that has been donated.

Students Outside Gatewood School

Students outside Gatewood School are welcome to participate, in which case they will be riding for the Gatewood School Team.


All Gatewood Riders will be recognized for their achievements both as a team rider and an individual. The dates of the middle school and high school Sports Award evenings will be posted on the Gatewood Website. (TBD)


If you have any questions feel free to contact

  • High School Team Manager, Jeanne Bell (404-281-7965)
  • Middle School Team Manager, Leticia Holloway (706-473-0632)
  • Trainer Peggy Allen (706-473-8326)

    We look forward to welcoming many new riders.

    Smile if you love horses!